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Jessica Drinks; Yvonne Richard; Michele Tritt; Rick Griffin;

Jannette White; Bethany Shallenberger; Leslie Rawlins; Leslie Fulton

2015 Innovation Grant Recipients

1)  "Listening to Learn" submitted by Laura Jo Darcy, Division Reading Specialist. Her project is designed to increase opportunities for students with below grade level reading skills to access grade level text through audio books.  She proposed a home and school collaboration in which students are provided with inexpensive mp3 players loaded with grade level chapter books.  The target group will be a small group of students in third grade at King George Elementary.  These students will carry the players home daily and discuss their books at school in their intervention groups.  Audio books would increase their grade level oral language and pave the way for their motivation to read these books themselves as their skill increases.  This grant is in the amount of 239.52 to purchase 3 mp3 players and 15 Audio books. 

 2)  "Physical Fitness Assessment" submitted by Amy Carey & Thad Reviello, PE & Health Teachers at KGHS.  The goal of the health and physical education teachers is to help students create their own personal fitness goals.  In order to properly gauge their goals, PE teachers need to properly assess students' starting point and help them to develop strategies to achieve or surpass their goals.  This grant is for $431.61 to purchase 3 pieces of equipment (1) Assess Pro Duo-Flex Tester, & (2) Assess Pro Rep- Addition Testers) that will assist teachers to guide students towards their personal fitness goals.

3)  "Stem Day: A Partnership between KGES & Commonwealth Governor School" , submitted by Amanda Higgins, Coordinator of Gifted Services.    Her  goal is to raise awareness of Governor's School programming in our division while reinforcing STEM concepts in a student to student mentoring approach.  Identified gifted students at KGES in fifth & Sixth grade will travel to KGHS for a one day STEM Event that will include a tour of visiting  Commonwealth Governor's School (CGS) site, and participate in STEM challenges led by CGS students.  The CGS students will collaborate with staff members to develop and plan the STEM Day events.  This grant is in the amount of $498 to purchase items for the STEM Day, reusable lesson plans, lab sheets & instructions, reusable and consumable materials for the challenges, and  storage bins and boxes.

Second Row:Mike Rose(School Board Member); Tammy Indseth(School Board Member); (Student Representative KGHS); Jessica Drinks(KGMS); TC Collins (School Board Chairman); Rick Griffin & Bethany Shallenberger(PES); Leslie Fulton (KGMS); Dr. Robert Benson(Superintendent)

Front Row: (KGMS Student Representative); Katie Poole(KGEF Secretary); Yvonne Richard(KGES); Michele Tritt, Jannette White, & Leslie Rawlins(ECSE Preschool); Annie Cupka(KGEF President); Cathy Binder(KGEF VP)

2016 Innovation Grant Recipients

1)  "Alex's Spot" submitted by Leslie Rawlins, Jennette White, and Michelle Tritt, ECSE Preschool. This grant is in the amount of $424.93

Alex's Spot will be a sensory integration spot at 4 King George County Schools to benefit children who have difficulties with sensory organization and regulation of their sensory systems to increase their ability to learn during their school day.

 2)  "Ride to Read" submitted by Leslie Fulton, King George Middle School. This grant is in the amount of $420.75

Ride to Read is a project to incorporate the use of a recumbent exercise bike to provide physical activity and large motor movements to students who struggle with ADHD, ADD and other challenges that make it difficult to focus in class, particularly while reading. 

3)  "DrumFIT" , submitted by Bethany Shallenberger and Rick Griffin, Potomac Elementary School. This grant is in the amount of $500.00

DrumFIT Combines movement, rhythm, and creative exploration for a full brain and body workout. DrumFIT encourages physical activity while moving to a rhythmic beat or pattern using exercise balls and drumsticks. This program provides interval training mixed with cognitive learning. Students will learn drumming and movement techniques set to various musical selections. DrumFIT meets physical, emotional, mental, and intellectual needs of the students. 

4)  "Robots to the Rescue" , Yvonne Richard, King George Elementary. This grant is in the amount of $399.60

Robots to the Rescue will provide students with hands on experience with Ozobots, small egg sized robots.  These robots will allow the youngest of students to experiment with casual algorithms as they draw paths for the Ozobots to follow using nothing more than a colored marker. AS students progress in experience and grade level, they will create more specific code sequences using color patterns which will give the Ozobots directions concerning their speed, spin, and directions. The Ozobots encourage curiosity, provide emerging coders immediate feedback, and utilize students' natural inclination to experiment.

5)  "Graphic Novel Expansion" , submitted by Jessica Drinks and Jennifer Brobjorg, King George Middle School Library. This grant is in the amount of $254.72

Supplementation of school library with the purchase of new graphic novels. Graphic novels have been shown to powerfully attract and motivate children to read. Graphic novels' layout, illustrations, and vocabulary appeal to all levels of readers, including the reluctant reader, special needs students, and English as a second language learners. "Providing young people of all abilities with diverse reading materials" (Crawford & Weiner).

 Fall 2015 Innovation Grant Presentation at the Sept. 28th School Board Meeting

Left to Right:  Dr. Benson (Superintendent), Mr. Collins (SB James Monroe), Kristen Tolliver (SB James Madison), Amy Carey, Mike Rose (SB Shiloh), Laura Jo Darcy, John Davis (SB At-Large), Amanda Higgins, Tammy Indseth (KGEF President), Ken Novell (SB Dahlgren), Annie Cupka (KGEF Vice President)

Innovation Grants


The  King George Education Foundation  supports efforts to enhance the quality of education in our public schools through innovation and creativity. The Foundation seeks proposals that present innovative ideas for achieving the division’s curricular goals, enhancing students’ personal development, and/or encouraging links with the community.

Grant Guidelines:

• Any King George County Public School employee may apply.

• Parents, community members, and students may submit project proposals in collaboration with a King George County Public School employee.

• Applicants may request funding up to $500 per proposal, though smaller proposals are encouraged.

• This is a competitive process.